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DV Publication invites the papers from the National Conference, International Conference, Seminar conducted by colleges, university, etc. The Group of paper will accept with some concession and will publish in DV Publication International Journals as special issue. It is the platform for College, university, etc to share the knowledge. DV Publication International Journals encourages academicians to guest edit special issues on common topics of interest. Such special issues, introduced by the Guest Editor, focus on specialty domains.

We offer end to end support to the organisations willing to have our support, being an association dedicated to bring our research work online in the best possible way we are here to help those who are in need of support. Once the proposal to support a conference is approved by our editorial board we start working with the conference team to promote their conference through our site and in all possible ways. We are sure that with our experience in conducting conferences we can support any academic conference in a better way. We provide the following service to the conference organisers so that their conference is promoted in a better way.

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